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Frequently asked questions

What service does Trailondo offer?

Trailondo offers a variety of vehicles on its platform. Trailondo acts as an intermediary for rental contracts between business and private (peer-to-peer P2P) rental companies. Thus, the model corresponds to a classic car-sharing model with a special focus on commercial vehicles, trailers and recreational vehicles.

Which vehicles are available on Trailondo?

The portfolio includes small transporters up to 3.5 t, car trailers, cars, motorbikes, quads and other vehicles. However, only those vehicles that correspond to their driving license class are displayed to our users.

Who are the landlords on Trailondo?

The rental companies are mainly business and professional rental companies. However, P2P landlords who would like to make their private vehicles available to the community may also offer them on Trailondo.

How do I book a vehicle?

A vehicle booking is only possible using the Trailondo app. Simply register, verify your address and driving license, deposit your payment method and you're ready to go.

How can a vehicle be unlocked?

Our vehicles are all equipped with electronic locking devices. We use the most modern and secure products from various manufacturers. A vehicle can only be unlocked using an app and a smartphone. In the case of cars and vans, a key in the vehicle can be removed from a safe after unlocking using the app (with keyless go systems, the key can remain in the vehicle/key box). If you rent a trailer, it is equipped with a manually operated, electronically controlled lock (Trailondo Magilock). The lock can be opened via an app. Bluetooth or NFC must be activated on the smartphone. After unlocking, the trailer lock must be removed from the head of the trailer coupling. The unlocking of the vehicle or trailer takes place at a maximum distance of 10 meters.

What data is collected?

Trailondo collects personal data such as name, address, mobile phone number, driving license number and specific movement data. The collection of this data is necessary for the provision of the service. Before using the app, every Trailondo user must agree to our privacy policy. We treat personal data securely and in encrypted form and do not pass it on under any circumstances unless this is necessary for the provision of our services. For more information on how we use your data, please visit's "Privacy Policy".

Is my data secure?

We do everything we can to keep your data safe. Data processing is always encrypted. In addition, all our systems work with 2FA (2-factor authentication), which virtually excludes unauthorized third-party use. Our application and platform are operated exclusively in Germany according to the highest German and European standards. All our partners are subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Germany or the European Union or a member state. Further information on data protection can be found at in the menu item "Data protection".We do everything we can to keep your data safe. Data processing is always encrypted. In addition, all our systems work with 2FA (2-factor authentication), which virtually excludes unauthorized third-party use. Our application and platform are operated exclusively in Germany according to the highest German and European standards. All our partners are subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Germany or the European Union or a member state. Further information on data protection can be found at in the menu item "Data protection".

Do I need a driving license?

Yes, a driving license is always required to use our services. Furthermore, only users with a minimum age of 18 years are allowed to use the Trailondo services. Suitable vehicles will only become visible after the driving license has been checked and verified.

How long does the driving test take?

We verify almost all common driving licenses from the EU, USA, Australia and other countries within 3-5 seconds. In special cases (e.g. HGV driving license or license extensions), the clearance of larger classes can take up to 24 hours, whereby the car class is usually verified and cleared after 5 seconds.

What happens if a vehicle is not returned at the end of the rental period?

If a vehicle is returned late, the return conditions of the Trailondo General Terms and Conditions and those of the Trailondo rental companies apply. We reserve the right to charge a corresponding surcharge for late return. However, this amounts to a maximum of one day's rental of the booked vehicle.

How do I open the vehicle or the lock?

The vehicles or locks (for trailers, e-bikes, or others) are opened exclusively via the app by pressing the "Open" button. The opening is only possible from the beginning of the rental time window. For vehicles such as cars or vans, the vehicle signals the opening or closing as usual acoustically or visually (e.g. by flashing). If an electronic lock is opened, the lock flashes green for approx. 10 seconds after the "Open" button is activated in the app. During this time, the lock can be opened manually by turning the round cylinder to the left or right. If the lock no longer flashes green, the opening procedure must be repeated in the app.

The vehicle or the lock will not open, what can I do?

Our locks and locking systems are weatherproof and have worked perfectly for years. However, if a fault occurs, please contact the landlord immediately via the emergency number in the app. He can also help you remotely. If you cannot reach the landlord, we will be happy to help you at

I have noticed damage to the vehicle that impedes its use (technical defects, tires, etc.). What can I do?

Please contact the landlord immediately. The emergency number is stored in the app. In addition, it is always advisable to send an e-mail to However, the landlord is always responsible for processing claims.

What happens if I lose the lock?

The landlords are entitled to charge a flat-rate cost of € 420 plus a handling fee in accordance with the Trailondo GTC. Unfortunately, our locking systems are very expensive as they contain complex and intelligent electronics. Please take care to use the locks correctly at all times. We recommend that you always keep the lock securely in the centre console or glove box. This way they will not get lost and are protected from falling or other defects as well as loss.

Is a rental deposit charged?

No. For reasons of simplification and user-friendliness, Trailondo and its rental companies never charge a deposit.

Who is allowed to drive the rented vehicle?

The use of rented vehicles is, with the exception of emergencies, exclusively permitted to the hirer for insurance reasons.

What are the prices and are there additional costs?

Trailondo charges its users a commission for the brokerage and conclusion of the rental contract. The prices visible on Trailondo always include all fees and commissions required to conclude the rental transaction. There are no further costs beyond this. Excluded from this are additional and optionally bookable insurance services or surcharges for delays, excess in the event of damage, etc.

What should I do in the event of a claim?

In the event of damage, the Rental Firm must be contacted immediately. In the event of personal injury or damage to third parties, especially if other road users are involved, the police must always be informed. The provisions of the STVO must be observed. After damage has occurred, the accident site must be secured.

Who pays for the damage?

In the case of rented cars or vans, comprehensive insurance (if available) covers the damage to the vehicle. The contractually limited excess (max. 900€) must always be deducted from this, which can also be reduced by additional insurance benefits. Trailers, on the other hand, do not have fully comprehensive insurance in most cases, and in some cases, they do not have partial comprehensive insurance either. Therefore, the hirer on Trailondo is in principle liable for all self-inflicted damage caused to vehicles with the contractually stipulated share of the excess and, in the case of vehicle damage, also for the entire damage to the vehicle itself. We expressly point out that in the event of damage to the vehicle, costs of several thousand euros can quickly arise.

Are all vehicles insured on Trailondo?

Yes, all vehicles on Trailondo have legally required third-party insurance with at least the compulsory sums for third-party damage. Professional rental companies on Trailondo always insure their fleet with comprehensive insurance. For trailers and other vehicles, however, the insurance may be limited to partial cover. In addition, most trailers do not have fully comprehensive insurance. This must always be taken into account.

What happens if I notice damage before I start my journey?

Damage must always be documented before the start of the ride. Please use the Trailondo app for this purpose. If you notice that a vehicle is not roadworthy, please report this to the rental company and Trailondo. In this case, you are entitled to make a cancellation.

Is there excess in the event of a claim?

Yes. However, this can be reduced via additional insurance options.

Are there any additional insurance offers?

Yes, please refer to the Trailondo booking process.

What do I do in the event of a breakdown?

In case of a breakdown, please use the emergency number of the landlord. Damage caused by breakdowns must be paid for by the tenant.

What payment methods are available?

Currently, Trailondo only uses credit cards and PayPal as payment methods.

What happens if I want to cancel a booking?
  • Up to 24 hours before acceptance of the vehicle🡪 Refund of the entire rental price
  • <24h hours before the start of the rental: calculation of the full daily rental of the vehicle (for hourly rentals, only calculation of the 4h rate).
I am standing in front of a vehicle. How can I book this one?

Download the Trailondo app, register, leave your driving license and a means of payment and scan the QR code of the vehicle of your choice with the app. If your vehicle is available, you can unlock it immediately and take it with you.

Can I book any vehicle?

No. Trailondo works with artificial intelligence that automatically decides which vehicle may be driven by the license holder. This means that it is not possible to select a vehicle that does not correspond to the driving licence class.

What rules apply to loading?

In principle, the provisions of the Trailondo GTC and the GTC of the dealer in the corresponding offer apply. Overloading automatically voids your insurance cover and puts your driving license at risk. In any case, please check carefully that the total weight of the vehicle including the towing vehicle corresponds to your driving license class and that the vehicle and trailer are not overloaded.

Where can I find the vehicle registration document?

In the case of trailers, the vehicle registration document is stored in digital form in the app. For all other vehicles, the vehicle registration document is also stored digitally in the app but is also located in the key safe inside the vehicle. In the event of a police check, it is usually sufficient to show the digital document. If you are stopped by the police, please point out that it is a rental vehicle. Only in a few cases do police officers ask for the original documents. Should you be checked by the police and the digital vehicle registration document is not accepted, we will, in accordance with the Trailondo General Terms and Conditions, pay the costs of the warning fine (10€) if submitted to the rental company or Trailondo. Unfortunately, digitalization is still lagging behind in Germany, so the vehicle registration document is not legally accepted in digital form, as has long been the case in other countries.

Can I park the vehicle/trailer anywhere?

No. Depending on the tariff, a trailer can either be parked in the direct vicinity of the pick-up location (rental location up to 150 meters) or in a freely defined area (metro tariff up to 8km radius). In principle, vehicles must always be returned to the location where they were found/rented, unless otherwise agreed (see Trailondo rental company's GTC and tariff). Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden to park vehicles in the following areas: No-stopping zones, fire brigade entrances, intersection areas, private parking spaces (unless these are explicitly marked for Trailondo vehicles or by agreement of the parking space owner/landlord), or other areas that do not entitle the parking of a vehicle according to the STVO, as well as outside of built-up areas, outside of illuminated areas (with the exception of private parking spaces), in side streets of residential areas or narrow cul-de-sacs, outside of urban centers or cities and in areas where it can be assumed that mobile phone coverage is no longer guaranteed.

What is the difference between Station fare and Metro fare?

The station tariff (or OnSpot tariff) requires that all vehicles rented there must be returned to the corresponding station (or location). A station can also be any car park that allows the rental vehicle to be parked there. With the Metro tariff, vehicles are also allowed to be parked in larger, predefined areas around the pick-up location and in compliance with the parking rules in accordance with the Trailondo and rental company terms and conditions. Trailondo tenants will always find out the details depending on the tariff model of the rental company offering the service (please always observe the tariff/terms and conditions). In the Metro model, a radius of up to 8 kilometers is common. With the Station tariff, goodwill of approx. 150 metres around the pick-up location is usually tolerated.