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Privacy Policy


The Trailondo Team works constantly and every day to protect your data against unauthorized access. We do this under adherence of highest data security and protection rules and secure and encrypt therefore all data traffic which contains sensible customer data. Similarly, we ensure that all partners involved into the platform operations of Trailondo do keep the strong European Data Privacy and Security rules and laws. As a matter of fact, all services, sub-services and related platforms of Trailondo including their partners do comply with European GDPR and German ADV.

Use of data for security purposes and user experience

We know that in all our applications we have to handle sensitive customer data. Therefore you will find at Trailondo only the most serious and reliable providers which do offer services with highest standards and quality. Our enterprise fleet providers undergo a deep check before they can list devices or vehicles on our platform. This is to avoid misuse and fraud and does guarantee highest customer satisfaction at the same time. With functions like the automated driver license check we use artificial intelligence under highest data security policies to secure your data fully reliable and with highest data privacy standards purely secured and encrypted to cover your sensible data against any kind of unauthorized access or misuse. At the same moment we ensure for our enterprise and private owners and fleet providers that only prequalified and reliable customers can use our community. Doing so we can avoid and filter fake or misuse scenarios by almost 100%.

Use of customer data

Your data is safe with us. We use them preferably to perform our services. We never provide your customer data to anybody for free use. Although we do not create any movement profile. During the analysis of user behavior we only use anonymized sets of data and this only for constantly improving our user experience or to expand our feature catalogue. In that way our platforms can for instance learn certain customer behavior and based on this execute the dispatching of vehicles to increase the availability.

Settings of data usage

Through your PC or your smartphone you can adjust at any time the range of data you would like to share with us and also restrict or extend it according to your preferences. Adjustment of these settings is possible at any time. Please also take care that you carefully read through our cookie policy which you can find in the foot note of our homepage. In case that questions may arise we kindly ask you to get in touch with us via email.

What information does Trailondo save?

We collect all technically required information which are essential to perform our service for you. This includes all legally required information which are essential to perform any rental business. Through this we allow you to find your vehicle or device of choice to select chose and book it finally. Information which we exchange during the search and booking process are user related information such as name address but also location related information like location while booking or location when opening a vehicle plus certain information about our fleet.

What is defined as „private data“?

As a common basis to define and handle private data we use the German Data Privacy Law „Datenschutz-Grundverordnung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (DSVGO)“. Personal and private data are hereto sets of data or parts of them which allow the direct relation and identification to a human being.

How does Trailondo handle my personal data?

The use of all Trailondo services is only possible when the exchange of these data is permissioned. Those relates to data such as name and address of our customers or enterprise or private fleet providers and functions like the referrals of vehicles and providers etc. These data are to be exchanged between us and service providers while a vehicle is to be booked or when payment transactions do occur. Furthermore a data exchange or your personal data between Trailondo and partner service providers is done if you register on the platform and you do your driver license check when you identify your identity with your smartphone or if you book additional features such as additional insurance coverage or any other additional feature from our catalogue which is provided by 3rd party providers or partners.

Why are my driver license details or my ID / passport been checked?

To avoid attacks and fraud scenarios but also to keep simply legal compliance with local law we are obliged to ask for driver license details. Without the check of the driver license Trailondo nor our partners are legally allowed to provide you with vehicles or related services. At the same time, we ensure via identity check using your smartphone and/or ID that misuse is prohibited. This accommodates so with the security of our owners and customers in the same way.

How are my data protected?

Trailondo keeps data security and privacy really serious. As German enterprise with European focus on data security the data privacy and security of your data owns highest priority. Therefore, we implement automized features on our platform which help us to prevent you against fraud or security attacks. We only collaborate with certified partners within the European Union. Our applications do match highest security standards while being hosted in German secure Data Centers operated by only professional suppliers. All our partners and operating data centers are ISO 27001 certified. The same applies for the operation of data centers themselves. For communication between our systems and partner systems we use encrypted communication protocols and connectivity based on common security algorithm (such as AES, SSL and others).

Are my data provided to any 3rd party?

Your data are secure and safe with us. We do not share, nor do we sell your data or anonymized parts of it to any external company, entity or person. We feel highly committed to secure your data and store it safely at any time. A data provision or sell will never apply.

Storage of data and duration of data storage

As long as you use our platform (with the sign up and account creation) we do save your data securely on our platform. If you wish to erase your account, all data will be erased too. Just in case of any legal obligation we save your data as long as the local regulators oblige us to do so. All data stored and saved related to your identity and account you can access through your account and the respective account settings. In addition, you can change the settings at any time. Furthermore, you can ask us at any time about the disclosure of your data by sending us an email with any specific questions to

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